It's a Montagut !

It's a Montagut !

Renowned for its expertise in quality knitwear, Maison Montagut holds a unique place in the fashion world. Its designs evoke the essence of French style : effortless chic without ostentation.
It’s a Montagut ! traces the history of this family-owned company which, for over 140 years, has flourished—from its origins in rural Ardèche to China and the United States. A pioneer in the silk milling industry since 1880, Maison Montagut revolutionized women’s hosiery in the interwar period and went on to invent the famous Fil Lumière polo shirt—a baby boomer icon that went on to take Asia by storm.
Today, Montagut focuses its savoir-faire on fashion design, offering contemporary styles that are refined and timeless.
  • Beaux livres - Langue anglaise
  • Paru le 11/11/2020
  • Genre : Mode
  • 176 pages - 235 x 329 mm
  • Couleur - Relié
  • EAN : 9782081513495
  • ISBN : 9782081513495

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