Nouveauté Shiro Tsujimura: An Art of Living

Shiro Tsujimura: An Art of Living

    • Préface : Axel Vervoordt
Shiro Tsujimura’s approach to ceramics is deeply linked to his training as a monk and his radical independence. Transcending traditional techniques, he infuses his practice with a sense of freedom, playfulness, authenticity, and self-confidence that results in decidedly unique works. Each creation is soulful and pure. The beauty of his art exists in its vitality, embodying the passing of time and notions of perfection and imperfection.
Axel Vervoordt’s meeting with the maverick potter was a revelation. He was moved by the serene and tremendous power of Tsujimura’s works, which are simultaneously contemporary yet entirely timeless. Vervoordt was drawn to Tsujimura’s universal art, the raw yet refined atmosphere of his home and studio, the noble qualities of his family and the surrounding nature—each element is an echo of the art and of the artist himself.
Longtime friend, architect, and artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and Guggenheim Senior Curator of Asian Art Alexandra Munroe provide rare insight into the magnetic ceramicist through their highly personal and revelatory essays, which accompany striking photography by Laziz Hamani, Shouya Grigg, and others.
  • 192 pages - 262 x 327 mm
  • Couleur - Relié
  • EAN : 9782080294692
  • ISBN : 9782080294692

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