Tino Zervudachi

Tino Zervudachi

Interiors Around the World

Over the past forty years, interior designer Tino Zervudachi has forged an impressive reputation internationally; his portfolio spans sumptuous homes all over the world, from Paris, London, and New York, to Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro. Having honed his craft under British interiors legend David Mlinaric, Zervudachi designed his first house at age twenty-one. Since moving to Paris in 1990, he has continued to refine his bold yet elegant approach, revealing a rare sensitivity to texture and historical detail, as well as a love of artisanal excellence. In Zervudachi’s hands, even the most spectacular room gains a subtle, lived-in quality, while humbler rooms grow grand: a sleight of hand that has led to an illustrious client list including art collectors, business titans, and bohemian aristocrats. Featuring previously unpublished photographs, and insightful texts and interviews by author Natasha A. Fraser, this new book captures the designer’s sublime and singular world. Each project bears witness to the passion, precision, and curiosity that Zervudachi brings to his craft. From a reimagined family château in France, an elegant beach house in the Bahamas, or a breathtaking ski chalet in the Alps, to a vintage motor yacht or a rustic Spanish finca transformed into an island retreat, this volume charts Zervudachi’s inimitable ability to magically transform his clients’ homes, enhancing their collections with his original color choices, mastery of light, and daring selection of furniture and textiles.
  • 280 pages - 249 x 319 mm
  • Couleur - Relié sous jaquette
  • EAN : 9782080262127
  • ISBN : 9782080262127

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