A Broader Vision of Business

Toward a new narrative

Édition en langue anglaise

Short-sighted, polluting, and greedy… A barrage of criticism has been leveled at business over the last twenty years, challenging its legitimacy. Once a source of national pride and a bastion of progress, business as an activity has been covered in opprobrium for having contributed to the problems bedeviling our planet, extending from ever-growing inequalities to intractable ecological crises.
The authors of this book nonetheless believe that business benefits society. Some people in business have lost sight of that fact, but this only underscores the urgency of restoring to business its original role : its usefulness to society as a whole. Business that is useful has an increasingly important and necessary role to play in addressing the colossal environmental, social, and political issues we face today.
Realizing something so ambitious requires a collective redefinition of capitalism. Relying on lessons learned from recent crises and the combined perspectives of a captain of industry and a leading academic, A Broader Vision of Business aims to lay the foundations for a new narrative of business.
  • Essais
  • Paru le 28/04/2022
  • Genre : Essais
  • 240 pages - 146 x 220 mm
  • Broché
  • EAN : 9782080278548
  • ISBN : 9782080278548

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