A Château on the French Riviera

A Château on the French Riviera

Modern Interiors by Oitoemponto

This is the story of a renaissance—that of a Provençal bastide, brought back to life by the singular and flamboyant ideas of Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda, the founders of Oitoemponto. For several years now, the Franco-Portuguese duo have carved out a select niche in the design world, creating their unique interiors that are at once refined and congenial, modern and timeless. Restoring the chic splendor of this vast residence required four years of substantial renovation work. Today the bastide is an ideal locale for living and unwinding in incomparable charm and comfort: spend time in the absolute tranquility of the château, relax inside or by the immense swimming pool, have fun in the private roulette room or in the nightclub adjacent to the house … and marvel at the countless works of art and furniture by the great masters of painting and design. Welcome inside for a private tour.
  • 224 pages - 255 x 328 mm
  • Couleur - Relié en coffret
  • EAN : 9782081513471
  • ISBN : 9782081513471

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